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Welcome to the website of Franklin Dental Associates, located in Franklin, Massachusetts, where our dentists and specialists have 40 years of combined experience in providing top-notch dental care!

General Dentistry

Daniel S. Winkler, Harrison J. MacKenzie, DMD and Dr. Lisa Hilpl, DMD offer professional dental treatment and thoroughly examine your mouth for tooth decay.

Oral Surgery

Dr. Joel Harrison is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon offering a wide selection of oral surgery services including wisdom teeth extractions, to make room for crowded teeth and corrective jaw surgery to correct your facial profile. He can also provide you with cosmetic services like Botox®, Restylane® and Latisse treatments.


Maarten Broess, DDS, DMSc, DMD offers early and adult orthodontic treatment that will not only results in an attractive smile, but will also correctly align your teeth to provide ideal jaw function.

Periodontal Evaluations

Gregory S. Theberge, DMD is specially educated and trained in the area of periodontics. He provides periodontal evaluations to detect gum disease, which is usually caused by plaque.


Lynsey T. Doan, DMD has specialized in endodontics, so she is highly educated to treat any problem with the soft tissue inside your teeth. If the tissue is damaged, she is well-trained to perform your root canal.

Thank you for your interest in Franklin Dental Associates. We look forward to meeting you and seeing you smile!

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